Does anyone actually ever click on “about” links?

I have a proof by example.

Do you feel anxious about the tension between writing with a specific goal in mind and writing authentically?


Is this really serving the function of an About Section? It just seems like you’re just trying to work through some stuff.

That’s fair. But it’s also a rare opportunity to write entirely in the second person. It’s fun - ever tried it?

You can’t ask me questions, it throws off the whole format where the questions are in a big bold font and the questions are in a smaller font, reflecting the idea that answers are typically more complicated than questions.

Yeah, but all of the answers have been super short so far. The format is already super broken.

We’ve gotten really off-topic.

Now we’re using plural first-person? We’re the same person. This is incredibly indulgent.

That one was longer! That’s good, that’s how the format is supposed to work.



Jk. Anyway, we should stop procrastinating all the other responsibilities and goals we have.

Fair. This was fun though. We should do this kind of meandering indulgent writing more often.

That’s a good idea. I’ll try to remember that.

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